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Our members are our power!

Organizational members bring their expertise to our advocacy, and help ensure that we understand the needs and challenges in communities all across Washington.

By becoming a Housing Alliance Member, you will be part of the leading statewide advocacy organization working to end homelessness. Together, we've built a powerful coalition of organizations and individuals fighting for an affordable home for everyone in Washington. Join us!

Nonprofit, government, and for-profit entities can learn about membership here. 
If you are a Consolidated Homelessness Grant administrator, contact Itzchel to learn more about county Homelessness Network membership.

Organizational Members and county Homelessness Network Members are listed below. Names in bold are larger organizations that contribute at a higher dues level.

We are grateful for their generosity and consider them our Partner in Advocacy!

Current Organizational Members

County Homelessness Network Members

Benton County Department of Human Services




Bold indicates the organization is a Partner in Advocacy.