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Board Advocacy Project Workshop: Advocacy Day 101 for Nonprofit Board Members

This video is intended for board members of nonprofits who'll be attending Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day and who want to increase their advocacy skills to support their organization's mission. The archived workshop that originally took place January 17, presents an overview of what board members might expect for Advocacy Day, how board members can create unique messaging for the Housing Alliance legislative priority items, and the latest updates on the Housing Trust Fund. The presentation concluded with a Q & A session. Click here to jump down to the next section with more general information about the Board Advocacy Project.


Watch this next video on how nonprofit board members play a significant role in ending homelessness:

“Board members sometime forget how powerful they are, how much their voices really count. Your voice and your advocacy can make a difference.” – Norm Rice, CEO, The Seattle Foundation

Ending homelessness requires a significant shift in the priorities of government, which will only happen if the public demands it. There are more than 5,000 community leaders on the boards of housing and homelessness organizations across the state, who are already motivated and engaged in efforts to end homelessness, and who are an untapped resource for effective advocacy. 

With support from and in partnership with the Campion Foundation, we are working to mobilize and engage those leaders in the struggle to end homelessness and ensure a safe, healthy, affordable home for everyone in Washington. 

Click HERE to download our board resolution adopted February 8, 2012.

You can learn more about the Board Advocacy Project at

Interested in having us facilitate a Board Advocacy Project workshop for your organization? Contact Michele Thomas at michele(at)wliha(.)org or 206.442.9455 x205.

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