COVID-19 Resources

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This page is intended to provide links to resources for people and organizations providing homelessness services or affordable housing, for individuals looking for help, and advocates looking for ways to get involved.

We would also like to hear from you.

Let us know about an emerging or unmet need related to affordable housing or homelessness in your community. This will ensure our advocacy is guided by real information about what’s happening in communities across the state.

  • Share a personal or community story about the impact of COVID-19. Have you lost income and need help paying rent or mortgage? Has a shelter in your community closed due to lack of staff or volunteers? Sharing these stories can help policy makers better understand the response needed.

  • Share a success story or best practice. Are state grant funds working to meet real needs? Have a creative solution that’s working in your community? Let us know so we can share this information to keep resources flowing and provide ideas that could help others.

  • Ask a question regarding the state’s COVID-19 response efforts related to affordable housing and people experiencing homelessness. We will do our best to find an answer or a connect you with someone who can.

Click here to connect with us through our information form.

Washington State Coronavirus Response: State website with information for individuals and families, businesses, workers, and more.


Weekly Stakeholder Calls

The Housing Alliance is currently convening weekly housing and homelessness stakeholder calls every Wednesday at 10am for the foreseeable future. Click here to register. Miss a call? Click below to access.  

*New!* COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Provider Stakeholder Call May 27
Tedd Kelleher, Dept. of Commerce (Updates from the Department of Commerce), Sara Rankin, Seattle University (Third Door Coalition and the plan to end chronic homelessness) Tristia Bauman, National Law Center on Poverty and Homelessness Homeless encampments – (CDC guidance against sweeps and letter to City of Puyallup), Katara Jordan, Building Changes (Using CARES Act Education Stabilization Fund to serve students in foster care and students experiencing homelessness), Rachael Myers (Federal Advocacy Update & Letter to the Editor Campaign), Michele Thomas (State Advocacy Update – Special session, budget cuts, and more), Rachael Myers (Accountable Communities of Health & PPE Distribution).  
COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Provider Stakeholder Call May 20
Tedd Kelleher, Dept. of Commerce (Washington State Updates), Arianna Cook-Thajudeen, National Housing Law Project (Federal programs and Immigration Requirements during COVID-19), Linda Olsen, WSCADV (Housing Instability and Domestic Violence During COVID-19), Hillary Coleman, SKCCH (2020 Census Updates), Councilmember Tammy Morales, City of Seattle (Proposed Local Moratorium on Encampment Removals).
COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Provider Stakeholder Call Agenda, May 13
Tedd Kelleher, Dept. of Commerce (Washington State Updates), Joey Lindstrom, NLIHC (Report from NLIHC: Federal Advocacy) Congressman Denny Heck, (Emergency Rental Assistance and Rental Market Stabilization Act of 2020), Rachael Myers, (Additional Federal Updates), Stephanie Velasco, Seattle Office of Housing (Best practices for setting up rent repayment plans) Sam Jackle, Walla Walla County Department of Community Health (Update from Walla Walla County), Esther Magasis, Yakima County Human Services, Rhonda Hauff, Yakima Neighborhood Health Services (Yakima County Homelessness Response and Medical Respite.
COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Provider Stakeholder Call Agenda, May 6
Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (Federal Solutions on Housing and Homelessness), Tedd Kelleher, Dept. of Commerce (State Updates), Daniel Malone, DESC (Transitioning from Congregate-based to Motel-based Shelter), Yuni Medlin, LASA (Local Updates: Report Out on City of Tacoma Rental Assistance Program), Councilmember Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin & Allyson Brekke, City of Port Angeles (Local Updates from the City of Port Angeles).
Weekly COVID-19 Housing & Homelessness Call Agenda, Wednesday, April 29
Tedd Kelleher (Dept. of Commerce updates), Debbie Thiele, Corporation for Supportive Housing (Emerging Best Practices from California and around the nation), Sara Brundage, Enterprise Community Partners (Low Income Housing Tax Credit Advocacy), Kate Burke, City of Spokane Councilmember, (Spokane renter and homeowner protections update), Senator Rebecca Saldaña (Updates from the Legislature), Rachael Myers, Housing Alliance (Federal Updates).
Weekly COVID-19 Housing & Homelessness Call Agenda, Wednesday, April 22 
Tedd Kelleher, Dept. of Commerce updates (state updates), Patricio Marquez, WA Office of the Attorney General (Eviction Moratorium Update), Katara Jordan and Klarissa Monteros, Building Changes (Strategies for a Racially Equitable Response), Rich Stolz, OneAmerica (Impact of COVID-19 on Immigrant Communities), John Tirpak, Unemployment Law Project (Unemployment Benefits Update), Kurt Wiest, Bremerton Housing Authority, (How to get a rental assistance program up and running quickly using CARES Act funding),Theresa Sanders, Island County Public Health (Regional Update from Island County), Rachael Myers, Housing Alliance (Federal Advocacy Update).
Weekly COVID-19 Housing & Homelessness Call Agenda, Wednesday, April 15 
Dept. of Commerce Updates (state updates), Steve Berg, National Alliance to End Homelessness (Federal Updates), Latrice Williams, Peer Navigator Training Program (Housing interventions for people being released from jail), Liz Olson, Budget & Policy Center (Overview of Public Benefits during COVID-19), Megan Veith, Building Changes (COVID-19 data on youth and the data on race and ethnicity).
Weekly COVID-19 Housing & Homelessness Call Wednesday, April 8 
Tedd Kelleher (Department of Commerce Updates), Noah Patton (Federal Updates via NLIHC), Susan Boyd, Bellwether Housing (Affordable housing provider emerging needs), Edmund Witter, King County Bar Association (Setting up new rental assistance procedures during COVID-19,) David Lord, Disability Rights Washington.
Weekly COVID-19 Housing & Homelessness Call Agenda, Wednesday, April 1
Commerce Staff (Dept. of Commerce Updates),  Lael Duncan, Okanogan County, Nickolaus Lewis, Lummi Nation, (Local Updates), Michele Thomas, John Stovall, WLIHA (Eviction Moratorium extension and rental assistance ask), Denise Rodriguez, Washington Homeownership Resource Center (Homeownership/Foreclosure), Rachael Myers, (Federal Updates).
Weekly COVID-19 Housing & Homelessness Stakeholders call Agenda, March 25
Updates from Commerce (regarding emergency grants, stay home order & effect on affordable housing construction, etc.) Kelli Larsen, Plymouth Housing Group (Ongoing needs in Permanent Supportive Housing,) Kirsten Jewell, Kitsap County, Maureen Howard, Tacoma Pierce County, Rhonda Hauff, Yakima, (Regional updates from Kitsap, Pierce, and Yakima), John Stovall, (Rental assistance – collecting data & stories), Rachael Myers, (Federal updates, Information sharing – what is happening in your community? What needs are not be addressed?).

Resources for Homeless and Housing Service Providers - National

National Housing Center COVID-19 Housing Resource CenterNHC has developed a national page with resources on almost any facet of the housing industry you can think of.

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES Act): A .pdf explaining the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program, (PPP) and the Emergency Economic Injury Grant (EEIG) program. These new programs may be useful resources for nonprofit affordable housing providers who need additional funding to cover certain expenses during the COVID-19 crisis.

National Housing Law Project Coronavirus resources: NLIHC’s webpage of NLHP resources for tenants and advocates to help address the COVID-19 pandemic.

SNAPS COVID-19 Daily Resource Digest: Prevention and response resources for homeless providers.

SNAPS Disease Risks and Homelessness page: List of COVID-19 infectious disease prevention and response resources.

HUD COVID-19 Prevention and Response for Homeless Providers: Daily Resource Digest: HUD compiles a daily list of resources for homeless service providers, including management of spread of infectious disease in various settings. 

United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH) Coronavirus Resources: Check out this page for resources that include community examples from around the nation. 

CDC Interim Guidance for homeless service providers: Information from the Centers for Disease Control about how to plan, prepare and respond to the COVID-19 spread, particularly addressed to homeless services providers.

CDC Interim Guidance to responding to COVID-19 among people experiencing unsheltered homelessness: Information from the Centers for Disease Control about how to protect people who are unsheltered from the spread of COVID-19. *Includes guidance that unless individual housing units are available, encampments should not be cleared.*


Resources for Homeless and Housing Service Providers – Washington State

King County Healthcare for the Homeless Network: Extensive guidance documents and signage in multiple languages that are relevant no matter where you are located. 

County Emergency Housing Plans: Located on the Dept. of Commerce site, here you can find each county’s emergency housing plan during COVID-19. 

Washington Department of Commerce Resources for Homeless Services Grantees: Information about emergency funding and resources for local governments and organizations to fight housing instability and homelessness.

Advocacy Opportunities: Isolated, but not alone!

National Housing Law Project: Get connected with the NHLP to learn about efforts around protecting renters nationwide during this time of uncertainty. 

Do you need resources or information to meet an immediate need?

COVID-19 Resources for Immigrants: Developed by OneAmerica, this is a comprehensive bilingual English/ Spanish list of resources to help our state’s immigrant population through the unique challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SNAP/EBT/Basic Food: Congress approved new supplemental funding for Basic Food recipients in March and April. Visit this page to learn more, see if you are eligible, and apply. Information translated into several languages. 

Northwest Mutual Aid: Many mutual aid groups have formed throughout the state since the outbreak of COVID-19. These are self-organized ways for people to help each other meet their needs during this time, and often fill in some of the gaps of traditional assistance. Visit this site to see if there is a group in your area.   

IRS Info for Non-filers to Receive Stimulus Check: If you did not file taxes in 2018 or 2019 and are concerned about whether you will receive your stimulus check from the IRS, visit this page.

Washington Department of Financial Institutions Financial Resources for Washingtonians Affected by COVID-19: Visit this page for a list of resources if you are being financially affected by COVID-19.

Washington Law Help COVID-19 Resources and FAQs: This page includes fact sheets and FAQs on what to do if you are being evicted, have lost a job, or have questions about public benefits during the COVID-19 crisis. 

Resources for Undocumented People: A national and state-by-state compilation of resources for those underserved by COVID-19 response due to residency status. 

Compiled information of all emergency renter protections in Washington due to COVID-19: Are you unsure how well you are protected as a renter under the statewide eviction moratorium? Depending on which city or county you live in, you may have additional protections.