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Take action today to stand up for rent fairness!

Shelter is a basic human need, essential for equitable, healthy, safe, and stable communities. 

Rent gouging, excessive fees, and short notice of rent increases destabilize families and workers and worsens the housing crisis. 

  • 40% of Washingtonian households are renters. 
  • Rents increased by 63% between 2010 and 2021, far outpacing inflation and income.

Lawmakers in Olympia can help tens of thousands of seniors, single parents, veterans and other low income renters stay in their homes through rent stabilization.


We need to send a loud and clear message to legislators that the most important thing they can do this session is address the affordable housing and homelessness crisis, and that stabilizing rents must be part of the solution! Every $100 rent increase is associated with a nine percent increase in homelessness, and only rent stabilization can act with the speed necessary to keep people in their homes now.

Send a critical message to your lawmakers today!

You can learn more about both of these bills and send an email to encourage your legislators to support the effort at