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Housing Justice Act


Housing Justice Act: prevent landlords from denying housing solely based on a tenant or family member's previous arrest or incarceration (HB 2017/Davis, Simmons)

All of us, no matter our race, income, or past, should have a safe and healthy home. But today, landlords are allowed to deny rental applications based on a past conviction or arrest, labels last forever.

Racial biases, over-policing, and policies that criminalize poverty cause Washingtonians of color to be more likely to be impacted by the legal system, and then be locked out of opportunities to find dignified housing after. Discrimination based on past convictions is one of many policies that continues to make it more difficult for Black and brown Washingtonians to find safe, healthy homes.

The Housing Justice Act will prevent landlords from automatically excluding someone from rental housing because they have an arrest record or past conviction. This will make a real and meaningful impact in addressing housing disparities and ensuring everyone in our community has access to safe, stable housing.