housing action

Renters Need More Time

Washington’s 2021 legislative session was among the most important for affordable housing and tenant protections in a generation. Thanks to the most progressive legislature we’ve ever had, a Governor who truly understands what it means to support everyone in our state, and thousands of advocates like you, enormous and consequential bills were passed this year.

Sine Die 2021!


The state legislature adjourned for the session Sunday, April 25 and it was truly a historic session for affordable housing and homelessness! 

Together, we achieved every single one of our priorities – and more – including: 

A new permanent fund source for rental assistance and efforts to prevent and end homelessness: House Bill 1277 adds a fee on real estate transactions like buying or refi

Statement on Governor Inslee Budget Proposal

Governor Inslee’s budget proposal includes just the kind of investments we need to keep people in their homes and make more affordable housing and shelter available across the state. This will keep people safe during the pandemic and stabilize families and individuals for the long term. Overall, his proposal includes more than $750 million in new funding for affordable housing and preventing homelessness.  

Response to Sinclair / KOMO Seattle Homelessness Propaganda

In response to more propaganda from Sinclair, the worldwide right-wing media group dedicated to sowing division and promoting fringe arguments, we wanted to set the record straight. There's no "battle" for the soul of anything, save perhaps for a nation that has allowed its housing market to careen out of control and a lack of leadership willing to address it.