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2024 Equity, Racial Justice, and Culture Lunch & Learn Series


A graphic promoting the 2024 Equity, Racial Justice, and Culture Lunch & Learn Series from the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, showing a dandelion with its seeds drifting off in the wind against a bright yellow background.

We are very excited to announce our 2024 Equity, Racial Justice & Culture Lunch & Learn Actionshop Series! Each 90 minute “action” shop will offer education, tools, q&a and opportunities for reflection, engagement, and action! These amazing speakers come with lived expertise and professional experience around each topic. You are encouraged to connect each topic with your own experience and challenge yourself to take small and large steps toward building equitable and racially just systems, and organizational spaces keeping an open mind and heart for your own transformational change.

These FREE Lunch & Learn Actionshops will be held over Zoom, once a month on varying Thursdays from 11:30am-1pm. Check out our 2024 line up!

Spring/Summer series

  • May 23:How Inequitable Housing Policies are Rooted in Myths of White Supremacy” offered by Ma.Caroline Lopez, MSW
  • June 20:Implicit Bias vs. Our Shared Humanity: Impacts for your Organization, Staff, and the People you Serve” offered by Tasha West-Baker from Building Changes and Ma.Caroline Lopez, MSW
  • July 11:What is Colorism?: The Systemic Consequences of Skin-Tone Bias from Policy to Organizations to Lateral Violence” offered by Mercedes White Calf and Ma.Caroline Lopez, MSW

Fall Series

  • September 19:Implementing Equitable Boards and Advisory Teams for People with Lived Expertise” offered by Duana Ricks-Johnson (RAP Advocate), Terrell Berry, MSW (Youth Housing Advocate) and Duaa-Rahemaah Hunter, Statewide Organizer for the Resident Action Project (RAP)
  • October 17:Operationalizing Equity Part 1: If White Supremacy Culture is the Culture Norm, What are We Gonna Do About it?” offered by Tasha West-Baker from Building Changes and Ma.Caroline Lopez, MSW
  • November 14:{R}evolutionary Practice Series: Dismantling Our Internalized Messages of Racial Inferiority and Oppression, and White Superiority and Privilege” offered by Ma.Caroline Lopez, MSW

Register for the entire series with no obligation to attend all! Follow-up emails to registrants will include the recording and resources from the speakers.



Looking forward to being in space and doing this work alongside each of you!

In abundance, solidarity, and community-led power,


Ma.Caroline Lopez, MSW

Director of Equity, Racial Justice, and Culture