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Issue                                                                                Introduced in 2021

Bill number

Budget impact

Organizational champion

Fairness in documentation and reporting of unit damage - to prevent exagerated and unsubstantiated damage claims against tenants in order to prevent future housing denials and unfair debt HB 1300   Columbia Legal Services
Regulating the use of credit scores in the setting of insurance rates for homeowners and tenants insurance SB 5010   State Insurance Commisioner
Removing a tax exemption for banks to fund affordable housing SB 5138    
Opportunity for manufactured home owners or nonprofts to purchase their communities when the landlord chooses to sell. HB 1100 Modest fiscal note (under $100K) Association of Manufactured Home Owners
Increased notice of closure of manufactured housing communities SB 5079   Association of Manufactured Home Owners
Progressive Estate Tax: Making the estate tax more progressive by eliminating it for smaller estates while raising the rates for higher valued estates. HB 1465 Projected revenues are approximately $100 million per biennium, with 10% set-aside for a new "Equity and Housing Account" Balance Our Tax Code Coalition
Wealth Tax HB 1406 Projected revenues are greater than $2 billion per biennium Balance Our Tax Code Coalition

New proposals




Housing supports for families in the child welfare system to support reunification TBD There will be an Operating Budget fiscal note. Amount TBD. Partners for Our Children
Housing for parents with substance use disorder involved in the child welfare system N/A $150K, Capital Budget Partners for Our Children
Capacity Building for Community Land Trusts N/A Operating Budget, amount TBD NW Community Land Trust Coalition
Change definition of "first-time homebuyer" TBD   NW Community Land Trust Coalition
Expungement of Juvenile Records TBD Operating Budget, well under $1M The Mockingbird Society
Extended Foster Care - Financial Assistance After Age 21 N/A $10.8M to continue payments through the end of the biennium The Mockingbird Society
Financial Education for Youth in Foster Care TBD Operating Budget - modest, less than $1M The Mockingbird Society
Broad hardship exemptions to the TANF time limit TBD   Statewide Poverty Action Network
A Prescription for a Home TBD $500M Corporation for Supportive Housing
Capital funding of BIPOC community-based organizations' projects NA   Communities of Concern Commission
Sunset the Houghton Community Council and the East Bellevue Community Council TBD   Eastside Committee for Fair and Efficient Governance, Futurewise
Expanding Eligibility for the Independent Youth Housing Program SB 5566 $4M Agency request (Commerce), Washington Coalition for Homeless Youth Advocacy
Healthcare Access for Unaccompanied Homeless Minors TBD   Washington Coalition for Homeless Youth Advocacy
Behavioral Health Services for minors experiencing homelessness N/A $1.2M in FY 2023 to a total annual cost of $1.6M Washington Coalition for Homeless Youth Advocacy
Homeless Student Stability Program TBD $450K Building Changes
Community Based Organization Funding for GMA (Growth Management Act) Housing Work N/A ~$2.5 million for the first year Futurewise
ADU low-income housing property tax exemption TBD   City of Kirkland
Low-Income Weatherization Plus Health N/A $15-30M Proviso, $15M-$20M ongoing biennial funding (Capital Budget) Washington State Community Action Partnership
Safe Exits from Inpatient Treatment for Young People Experiencing Homelessness N/A $500K Northstar Advocates
Youth Housing Support   ~$3-$4M Washington Coalition for Homeless Youth Advocacy
Compensation for people with lived experience TBD   Partners for Our Children