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This year's conference will be hosted completely virtually on Socio/Webex, which offers several accessibility optimizations including:

  • Accessibility modes for seizure safety, vision impairment, keyboard navigation, screen reader, and more
  • Text content adjustments for font size, line spacing, font readability, and more
  • Color adjustments
  • And other adjustments to turn off animations, mute sounds, hide images, and more.

If you would like access to the virtual conference platform to test out these accessibility features before registering, just email us at For more on Socio's accessibility features, click here.

All sessions will have captions enabled, and conference speakers are following guidelines to make their sessions more accessible (for example by speaking slowly, avoiding or explaining acronyms and jargon, using large font sizes on slides and handouts, offering content warnings, and more).

The conference also has resources available to provide language interpretation and other services. If you need something to make the conference accessible to you, please reach out to us before September 9 at or 206-351-5017 to ensure that we have time to line up support.