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Learn at Lunch Webinars

Our Learn at Lunch webinars are opportunities to deepen your understanding of our State Legislative Agenda and Federal Legislative Policy Issues. Learn at Lunch features expert guests who explain the issues in a clear and accessible way. And perhaps most importantly, you can access these noontime webinars from the comfort of your own home or place of work, as long as you have a computer and Internet access.

In 2018, advocates helped to pass strong new laws that protect renters and adequately fund services that prevent and end homelessness. Register for our summer Learn at Lunch series to learn more about these important victories.

Understanding Washington’s New Protection from Source of Income Discrimination

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


On September 30th 2018, new statewide protections went into effect that outlaw discrimination against tenants based on their use of income or rental assistance to help pay the rent. The new law also established a mitigation fund which includes some important tenant protections as well. Join this webinar to hear from attorneys Scott Crain and Adam Chromy of Northwest Justice project to get a thorough rundown of the new law. Learn how it protects tenants and how to enforce it, and learn how to fight back if landlords erroneously claim it does not apply to them.

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Election Outcomes and the 2019 Advocacy Landscape

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


After a few weeks to decompress from a high-stakes election season, we will provide an analysis of 2018 state-level election outcomes, and what they mean for the paths forward on our 2019 policy priorities in the state legislature.

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Martin v Boise: Challenging Laws that Criminalize Homelessness

Thursday, December 6, 2018

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Join the Housing Alliance for an in-depth look at what the recent 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling on the criminalization of homelessness means for Washington state. Known as Martin v Boise, this ruling may impact the ability of local governments to enforce their current laws that criminalize homelessness. Learn what the ruling means and what it doesn’t mean for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. Legal experts Sara Rankin, Associate Professor and Director, Homeless Rights Advocacy Project with Seattle University and Tristia Bauman, Senior Attorney with the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty will provide an in-depth analysis for advocates in Washington.

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Running as a First Time Candidate

Friday, December 7, 2018


There's no question that our advocacy efforts go further when we elect housing champions to the state legislature, and the Housing Alliance is excited to support more people from our community who are stepping up to run for office. Hear from Representative (and former Housing Alliance board chair) June Robinson about what it's like to run as a first-time candidate, and why it's worth running for office whatever the election outcome. 

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Previous webinars:

Announcing Our 2019 Lead Legislative Agenda

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Noon - 1:00pm

Hear from Policy and Advocacy Director Michele Thomas about the legislative items that the Housing Alliance will lead on in 2019 to increase access to affordable homes and rental assistance for people who have short-term and permanent disabilities, and build stronger tenant protections.

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Advancing Your Mission Through Nonpartisan Election Season Activities

Monday, September 17, 2018

Noon - 1:00pm

Join the Housing Alliance and Jeff DeLuca of the Washington Community Action Partnerships to learn about how 501 c(3) nonprofit organizations can promote voter education and engage with candidates to advance their work. Board advocates and staff that work with organizational volunteers are encouraged to attend.

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Pro tip: Interested in a topic but not available at the time of the webinar? Register anyway and you’ll receive a copy of the slides and a recording of the webinar after it’s over!

For more Learn at Lunch webinar archives, click here.


2018 Legislative Session Advocates Calls

Every other Friday during the legislative session, all affordable housing and homelessness advocates were invited to join us for a conference call and webinar to hear the latest updates from Olympia! Our policy team reported back on the progress of our lead policy priorities, as well as bills from our partner organizations that we are supporting. 


Jan 17: Overview of the Housing Alliance's lead policy agenda and a recap on the first week of the legislative session.
Feb 9: A recap of how the Capital Budget was passed, updates on our other lead priorities, and info on bills from partner organizations we're supporting.
Feb 23: An update on housing bills that survived (or didn't survive) policy and fiscal committee cutoffs. Plus, something to celebrate!


Toolkit to Combat the Criminalization of Homelessness

Pervasive myths and stereotypes about chronic homelessness have led to the pursuit of 'solutions' - like criminalization - that only exacerbate the problem and lead to more human suffering. That's why we created the Toolkit to Combat the Criminalization of Homelessness. You can access the toolkit in its entirety, or download individual sections and fact sheets here




Medicaid Academy

At the 2016 Conference on Ending Homelessness in Spokane, WA, the Housing Alliance held a day-long training to understand Washington's new Medicaid Transformation Demonstration. 

The pre-conference Medicaid training was intended to provide permanent supportive housing providers and those interested in serving this population with information about the new supportive housing services Medicaid benefit. The training provided background information about the Medicaid program and 1115 waivers, information about what supportive housing services CMS would likely approve to be covered by the new benefit, which Medicaid beneficiaries would be eligible, and what steps your agency needs to take in order to utilize this exciting new opportunity.

Find the program information page here, packed with materials and background information on the new Medicaid benefit.