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Today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision will do more harm to those who are homeless


This is a disappointing decision that will do nothing to solve homelessness. In fact, it will make it worse by giving cities free rein to prioritize criminalization while neglecting and diverting funds from proven solutions like housing. And fines and arrests often extend people’s experience of homelessness by making it harder for them to access housing and services in the future. 

Everyone needs access to safe housing. It’s a basic human need, like air, food, and water.  We must work to address the needs of unsheltered people while also working to address the root causes of our state’s growing homelessness crisis.  

The Housing Alliance will continue to work towards state level solutions to homelessness – investing in housing and supportive services, preventing rent gouging, reducing evictions, and investing in emergency shelter and services that keep people safe until they have a permanent home.  

We urge state and local leaders to prioritize proven solutions to homelessness, not counterproductive strategies like fining and arresting people who have no practical option to living outside. 


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