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Advocates Call #4 - Legislative Session Update


Reiny Cohen, Director of Communications

Every other Friday during the legislative session, all affordable housing and homelessness advocates are invited to join us for a conference call and webinar to hear the latest updates from Olympia! Our policy team reports back on on the progress of our lead policy priorities, as well as bills from our partner organizations that we are supporting.

These calls are designed to:

  1. Keep you informed on housing and homelessness policies in the legislature,
  2. Teach you about the legislative process, and 
  3. Provide a space to ask questions and sharpen your advocacy skills.

Click here to register for our final call on March 9.  

We're in the homestretch of the legislative session, and the Feb 23 call included some very detailed updates on the progress of our lead priorities (spoiler alert: all our bills are alive!) and an update on how you can advocate to get these bills over the finish line! This call did not get recorded as a webinar, but you can download the slides below.


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