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COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Provider Stakeholder Call July 1


COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Provider Stakeholder Call July 1



      Tedd Kelleher, Dept. of Commerce 
      Scott Crain, Northwest Justice Project 
      Rep. Nicole Macri, 43rd Legislative District 
      Maureen Howard, Pierce County Advocate 
      Marc Dones, National Innovation Service 


State Advocacy:

  • Are you a board member, or do you work for a nonprofit organization? Join our Board Advocacy campaign and have your board pass a resolution in support of progressive revenue! Interested? Click here
  • Take action and email your state lawmakers and the Governor, requesting they: make no cuts to homelessness and safety net programs, invest deeply in rental assistance, and enact progressive revenue! Take Action Here.
  • The Housing Alliance is looking for people to send letters to the editor to your local newspaper. We have templates! If you are interested, please fill out this form and I'll follow up with you. 


Federal Advocacy:

  • Senate Republican leadership is still holding up negotiations about the next coronavirus relief package. House passed HR 7301 Monday – housing provisions of HEROES Act—to pressure Senate Republicans to negotiate.
  • Congress is going on recess for two weeks starting Friday 7/3. After that they’ll be back in the districts – a good time to reach out because their schedules won’t be as full of events as they usually are during recess. It’s likely that they’ll be negotiating package when they’re back in last two weeks of July.
  • Still urging Cantwell to co-sponsor emergency rent relief and rental market stabilization act. She is one of 6 Democratic senators not signed on although she has said she is supportive.


Take Action:

1. Keep emailing members of congress and ask them to support Emergency Rental Assistance & Rental Market Stabilization Act.

2. Have your organization sign these two NLIHC letters. One is focused on 100B for rent assistance, and one is focused on all housing provisions in the HEROES Act. You can sign on to one or both. You can also read the letters and see, state by state, what other organizations have signed on.


  • Handout on the Tacoma Pierce County Coalition to End Homelessness's Seattle Credit Union accounts for people experiencing homelessness, shared by Maureen Howard


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