COVID-19 Housing and Homelessness Provider Stakeholder Call July 31

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07/29/2020 Call recording


      Tedd Kelleher, Dept. of Commerce 

      Meghan Maury, National LGBTQ Taskforce

      Kevin Solarte, National Innovation Service 

      Lisa Byers,  Opal Community Land Trust 

      Joey Lindstrom, National Low Income Housing Coalition


Federal Advocacy:

  • Take action by contacting your Members of Congress and tell them that the Senate proposal is unacceptable and that Congress must pass the essential housing provisions of the HEROES Act! You can take action here

  • Submit a comment on HUD's harmful proposed rule removing anti-discrimination protections for trans and nonbinary people experiencing homelessness. You can take action by submitting a comment via the #HousingSavesLives action page, and the National LGBTQ Taskforce has created a Partner Toolkit to assist you! 



  • Visit the Housing Saves Lives campaign website to learn how to oppose HUD's harmful proposed rule rolling back protections for trans and nonbinary people experiencing homelessness. 


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