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Thanks for supporting us during GiveBIG!


All of us at the Housing Alliance are so grateful for the outpouring of generosity shown by our community during GiveBIG. Thank you! The progress we’ve made over the last few years shows what we can accomplish together when we raise a strong collective voice. Together, we’ve impacted budget and policy in Washington so that more people have a safe, affordable place to live. But there is so much more to do, and your support will make that possible. 
The importance of a home and the ways in which our health and well-being are interconnected, are clearer than ever before. The work ahead will be challenging, no doubt, but I am convinced that our movement is strong enough, that we won’t just get through this, but we’ll come out stronger in the long run. 
We are grateful to the individuals below, and 24 anonymous donors, for helping us raise $28,000 to power our work for housing justice! 
Thank you: Jacob Mihalak, Holly McNeill, Ren Autrey, Saronda Achelles, Nick Federici, Elizabeth Dickinson & Joe Merrill, Valerie Bernard, Cheryl Markham, Erika Straus-Bowers & Aileen Imperial, Peggy Papsdorf, Danielle Richmond, Merf Ehman, Craig Jones, Megan Boyce-Jacobs, Cindi L. Engelhardt, Jenny R. Holladay, Libby Solursh, Kate McMullen and Micah Wilson, Tonya Hennen & Bill Reiswig, Kara & Jon Ceriello-deLeeuw, Kenneth McDouall, Marga, Rose Hancock, Julia Stack, Ed and Mayo Ochiltree, Emily Noel, Debra Cannon, John Preston, John Carrol, Maureen Kostyack and Jon Olver, Sean Riley, Laura Van Tosh, Susan Parker, The Sindora Family, Tamara Hayes, Gabriella Moller, Jane Dirkse, Richard Weatherley & Pauline Erera, Ron and Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, Christina Wong & John Morrison, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, John Daly and Joy Christoferson, Andrew Katz, Tobias Eigen, Emily Eigen, Mary and Ed Trautman, Julie Mayer, Chris Persons, Alison Turner & Brad King, Lisa Verner, Margaret Shield, Rosemary Blakemore, Erika Malone, Ben Halpern, Meekin, Paul Knox, Thomas Galdabini, Theodore Coxe,  Cindi Engelhardt, Ruth Schaefer, Jacob Naor, Thomas and Jane Quigley, Mark Blatter, Melinda Woods, Liz Trautman, Emily Alvarado, Kate Budd, Lisa Byers, Poppi Handy, Mark Blatter, Sheila Babb Anderson, J. Peter Shapiro, Andy Silver, Helen Howell, Paula Carvalho, Kim Herman, Brien Thane, Loren Tierney, Kat Ferguson Mahan Latet, Kim Toskey, Irene Basloe Saraf. 
If you missed GiveBIG but still want to support the Housing Alliance, our GiveBIG donation page will remain open until May 15.  
Rachael Myers
Executive Director



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