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Third time is the charm...


Guest Blogger: Martha Ward, Compass Housing Alliance Board Member

The old saying is true. Most people must hear something three times before it sinks in. And it took me at least that many times to take the leap and participate in the Housing Alliance's Board Advocacy Project.

My name is Martha, and I am on the board of Compass Housing Alliance, a nonprofit that provides transitional and permanent affordable housing, emergency shelter, and services for homeless people at over 30 locations in the Puget Sound region. I volunteer for Compass Housing Alliance because I believe, in terms of the hierarchy of needs, that until a person is safely housed, it is impossible to effectively address other needs.

And in order to create more affordable housing and end homelessness in our state, we must build the public will to implement the solutions that can end homelessness. The Board Advocacy Project does this by assisting the 10,000 board members of affordable housing and homelessness nonprofits in Washington State to make advocacy work for them!

Please support the Housing Alliance today with a gift of $50, $100, or $250, so we can strengthen the movement to end homelessness and ensure that everyone in Washington has the opportunity to live in a safe, healthy, affordable home.

Advocacy is not common for board members, but it brings great benefits to our community. Being an advocate can be as easy as taking action on an email and as empowering as testifying at a committee in the legislature.

After attending the Board Advocacy Project trainings, I have learned how to make advocacy work for the Compass Housing Alliance board. But there are so many more organizations still in need of this expertise. Your support of the Housing Alliance today will help them light the advocacy fire at other organizations in our state, so that we can all live in a world where everyone has the opportunity for safe, healthy, affordable homes.

Click here to make a gift now so that every nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness has an actively advocating board.

Thank you!


Board members and others making a difference during Advocacy Day 2013.




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