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Great Special Briefing with Senator Nelson

Thank you everyone who was able to join us for our amazing special briefing with Senator Sharon Nelson (D-34), and a big thank you to the Senator herself for joining us, and for being so candid and so inspiring.

For those of you who weren't able to join, Senator Nelson talked at length about how important your advocacy is, especially right now during what may be our last opportunity to influence the special session.

This Week in Housing Advocacy: A Special Message from the Speaker

The Speaker asked us to share this special message with you:

"We still have a good chance to pass a jobs package that includes a substantial amount for housing, but it depends on whether people advocate for it. You need to keep fighting for our values — work your individual projects as well as the big picture items like housing as a whole. You can still make a difference, there's no doubt about it."
– Speaker Frank Chopp, 43rd LD

This Week in Housing Advocacy: Taking Action Has Rarely Been This Important

Our elected officials are facing enormous pressure to compromise and close special session. But devastating choices are still on the table, including the elimination of Housing and Essential Needs and Disability Lifeline Medical, and deep cuts to TANF. And funding for the Housing Trust Fund is yet to be determined.

This Week in Housing Advocacy: Special Session Update

The Capitol was still and quiet until Thursday when the Senate Republicans unveiled yet another surprise budget. Like the last one, it was shrouded in secrecy. Senate Republican leadership hid it even from the Governor with whom they met for budget negotiations in the hour before the unveiling. Although the release of yet another Republican budget was a surprise – the contents weren’t. The safety net was slashed again, but even worse this time, with the Housing and Essential Needs program completely eliminated, Disability Lifeline Medical completely eliminated and TANF deeply cut.