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Take Action on the Zarelli Budget!

As you may have heard by now, last Friday Senator Zarelli [R-18th LD] led conservatives in a back-door deal to pass a budget that hadn't gone through any public hearings, which means without a process in which our voices could be heard.

By a narrow margin, the Senate passed this budget. If that budget were to pass in the House and become law, the huge cuts to social services would lead to a dramatic rise in homelessness in every community across the state. 

Some of the low points include:

This Week in Housing Advocacy: Victorious, Historic and Tumultuous

It is hard to believe that last week was just seven days long. It started with the House passing the Fair Tenant Screening Act - SSB 6315. Tuesday brought the Senate budget proposal that preserved the Housing and Essential Needs program. On Wednesday we celebrated the amazing victory of the document recording fee bill - ESHB 2048. Then Friday morning two important Housing Alliance support bills passed: ESHB 2592 - extending important supports to some youth aging out of the foster care system, and SHB 2194 - clarifying provisions of the mobile home landlord tenant act.

Send a message of thanks to elected officials for supporting an end to homelessness

The incredible advocacy coming from every corner of the state and from many diverse voices is tangibly making a difference. Take for example the document recording fee bills – 2048 & 5952. On Wednesday (February 22nd), 2048 cleared the Financial Institutions Housing and Insurance Committee unanimously.  When its twin bill, 5952, was voted on just weeks prior, it was minus two votes. Since then, advocates have worked hard to gain the full support of the Committee and we won. Every single member voted yes – Democrats and Republicans – and now it is time to thank them.

This Week in Housing Advocacy: Just Three Weeks Left

Last week was a long, hard week in Olympia. Many bills competed for attention as the Tuesday night floor cutoff loomed in both chambers. Only one of the Housing Alliance’s top priorities fell victim to this cutoff when SSB 6321 died at 5:00 sharp Tuesday evening. This bill, sponsored by Senator Kohl-Welles, would have made it harder to use a tenant’s victory in eviction court as a reason to deny them future housing opportunities. The bill was amended in committee and received bipartisan support.

The Week In Housing Advocacy: Incredible Progress!

Olympia was a whirlwind of activity for affordable housing and homelessness issues last week. The Housing Alliance’s Fair Tenant Screening bills made significant progress in the Senate, while the House hosted a dramatic debate before passing SHB 2048 and sending it to the Senate. This bill will fill a shortfall in revenue for homelessness related programs with modest fees on real estate related documents.

Unprecedented Progress for Tenant Screening Bills

Joining forces with the Coalition for the Homeless: Harnessing the power of advocacy

Harnessing the Power of Advocacy

The Washington Low Income Housing Alliance and the Washington State Coalition for the Homeless merged on October 1st, 2011, becoming one organization. The merged organization, operating as the Housing Alliance, will advocate for the continuum of homeless and low-income housing needs across the state.