Legislative District Leads Program

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Legislative District Leads Program

Making progressive change to make sure everyone has a safe, healthy and affordable home requires an army of advocates working throughout Washington state. With three seats in each of our 49 legislative districts, we have 147 different lawmakers to maintain relationships with. But we know that lawmakers listen first and foremost to their local constituents, and if we can mobilize in-district, they will listen.  

LD Leads build and maintain an active local base of housing advocates in their state legislative district, alerting them to take advocacy action at strategic times. Working closely with the Housing Alliance, LD Leads can strengthen their legislative and advocacy skills while building community and developing stronger relationships with their lawmakers.  


We are currently seeking LD Leads in every district in Washington. If you would like to take the next step in your housing advocacy work, even if you feel you still have a lot to learn (we all do!), join us! Please read the following, then get started by filling out the interest form below.


Legislative District Lead Key Roles:

• Email, call, and/or meet with state lawmakers to urge action on legislation;

• Build relationships with lawmakers and serve as a trusted source of information;

• Share advocacy opportunities with neighbors, friends, family, classmates and colleagues to help them become confident advocates and elevate affordable homes and ending homelessness as constituent priorities;

• Serve as a district lead at Housing and Homelessness Advocacy Day in early 2020, exact date coming soon!


What are requirements and expectations for being an LD Lead? 


You can find the specific roles that LD Leads play in the LD Lead Role Position


Time commitments will vary depending on the time of year and on how active your district is. We estimate 5-10 hours per month for calls, lawmaker meetings, and other organizing activities, with intermittent communications. 


We ask that you commit to the LD Lead role through the end of the next legislative session (mid-Spring). 


Our goal is to have at least 2 LD Leads per district to allow you to share the experience with others. 



Will there be support from the Housing Alliance? 


Yes! You will work closely with the Member Organizer to build your base, take strategic action, and set up meetings with your lawmakers. We will crowdsource necessary trainings and resources to ensure you are learning and growing in this role. 



I’m interested in learning more. What’s the next step? 


The next step is to complete this LD Lead Interest Form. Once you submit it, John Stovall, Member Organizer, will follow up with you directly.  


Questions in the meantime? Contact John at johns@wliha.org 







"There is so much potential for transformative change in Olympia for housing justice. Being a LD lead was a great way to organize with my community to achieve that change! Due to the bills we helped pass, more of my neighbors will benefit from the stability of a safe, affordable home." -Galen Herz (40th LD)