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Wednesday, October 7
8:15 AM Women of Color Gathering Allyship Caucus HEN Meeting
9:15 AM Break
9:30 AM Welcome Address
9:45 AM Break
10:00 AM A1: Analyzing Racial Equity in Homeless Services A2: The Future of Coordinated Entry in the WA Balance of State A3: Supporting Trafficked Youth and Young Adults in Rural Communities A4: TBA A5: Can a NO-Barrier Shelter Meet and Beat Placement Expectations for its Chronically Homeless Guests? Yes!
11:00 AM Sponsor Showcase and Networking Break
11:30 AM A6: Recognizing and Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities in the Homelessness System A7: Landlord Mitigation and Tenancy Preservation Programs A8: TBA A9: We Can't Go Back: What COVID-19 Means for How We Provide Homeless Services A10: Straight Talk About The Coronavirus: Disproportionate Impacts on Communities of Color
12:30 PM Break
12:45 PM Lunchtime Plenary: Housing Justice Narrative Initiative
Chris Genese, Community Change, and Leaders from Resident Organizing Networks in WA, OR, and CA
1:10 PM Meditation Break with Tai Velasquez
1:30 PM A11: TBA A12: Medical Respite Services A13: Best Practices When Serving Youth and Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness A14: Disability Rights and Disability Justice After COVID-19 A15: Advocacy Works! Organizing for State Legislative Victories
2:30 PM Break
2:45 PM BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Caucus


Thursday, October 8
9:15 AM Intersectional Disabilities Caucus HAC Meeting
10:15 AM Break
10:30 AM B1: Serving Trans Clients 101 B2: TBA B3: Anchor Community Initiative: Coaching Communities to End Youth & Young Adult Homelessness in WA by 2022 B4: Homeless Housing in Rural Areas, Different Approaches B5: Combating the Criminalization of Homelessness
11:30 AM Sponsor Showcase and Networking Break
12:00 PM Lunchtime Keynote Address
Amanda Misiko Andere, Funders Together to End Homelessness
12:40 PM Restorative Yoga Practice with Claudette Evans
1:15 PM B6: How to Use Targeted Universalism in Coordinated Entry to Better Serve Youth and Young Adults Experiencing Homelessness B7: Using Technology to Create Efficiencies in Coordinated Entry/Assessment B8: Foundational Community Supports Photovoice Presentation B9: TBA B10: Deep Dive with Amanda Andere
2:20 PM Closing and Thank You
2:30 PM LGBTQI2S+ Caucus Sponsor Showcase
3:00 PM Break
3:30 PM Homeless Advocates Happy Hour