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2023 Equity, Racial Justice, and Culture Lunch & Learn Series


We’re excited to share our Equity, Racial Justice, and Culture Lunch & Learn series for 2023! I hope you will join me, along with some amazing speakers from across the state and the country to be in space and learn together during these “Action” shops, held each third Thursday of the month, skipping August and December from 11am-12:30pm and will make space for conversations, questions, activities, and self-reflection. Each session will offer tips and tools to shift organizational policies and procedures, aim to support people and organizations at all levels of their equity journey, and help align our collective toward understanding and operationalizing racial equity to benefit the people within our larger housing justice movement – from work culture to state policy. 

Graphic for the Equity, Racial Justice, and Culture Lunch & Learn series, featuring a drawing of dandelion seeds blowing off a plant.
Check out our line up!  

2023 Summer Series:  

  • June 15 - Doing the work of Equity and Racial Justice: Locating yourself, steps toward your empowerment, and support through affinity learning spaces - Ma.Caroline Lopez, MSW 

  • July 20 - Using a Critical Lens around Patriarchy for Housing Justice - Ana Fabragas, MA in Gender, Conflict, and Human Rights through Social Justice Perspectives 

2023 Fall Series:  

  • September 21 - What it means to be a pro-Indigenous organization, and how re-Indigenization supports wholeness from person to planet - Karyn Kameroff, MA, MSW, LICSWA, doctoral candidate 

  • October 19 - How building a Pro-Black organization and movement liberates us all - Sidney Morgan, M.A.

  • November 16 -  The impact of a history of racism on our communities, how it drives housing and homelessness policy, and what the housing justice movement can do for social change - Michele Thomas, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance 


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Registering above will offer a link for the whole series. No worries if you’re unable to attend every event. Each session will be recorded and accessible to registrants, however, we encourage you to attend so you have the opportunity to connect with both the speakers and other members.  

Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Wishing you rest, mindfulness, care and abundance, 

Ma.Caroline Lopez, MSW
Pronouns: she/they
Director of Equity, Racial Justice, and Culture